Car 95, where are you?

Throughout the duration of NASC 2008, the Raycer team will be carrying a GPS tracking device from SPOT. You can follow the team’s progress in real-time by clicking here, or on the SPOT link in the sidebar on the blog homepage.

UPDATE: As the team will be based in Cresson, Texas for qualifying for the rest of the week, the SPOT link is temporarily inactive. It will be up and running again when the race begins on July 13th.


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  1. Hey all,

    As of 6:16pm we are currently in Iowa and heading to our fist stop in Topeka Kansas.

  2. Good Evening All,

    The team all arrived in Topeka, Kansas this evening and all is well. We will be starting back out on the road at 9am tomorrow heading to Fort Worth Texas and plan to be there by dinner time. Will have pictures of the team and such tomorrow and an interview from James is soon to follow.

    Thanks Winnipeg for all of your support,
    Barry šŸ™‚

  3. Hey guys
    I am following you wit SPOT…it seems to work well.
    How is the truck running James?
    How did everyone fair the night.
    I will keep watching…


  4. The truck seems to be working alright, although certainly not overpowered. 95 kph is about all it can handle; and if there is a hill…well not so fast. At least it got us here without trouble. we did manage to pass 2 cars that were slower than us!

    Apart from missing a few interstate exits no one has been badly lost. The young fellers have gps and we old guys use PAPER maps. Rej’s CB banter continues to amuse…


  5. Hey All,

    We are now offically in Fort Worth, Texas. The drive was well and we were able to have an evening of just relaxing and going out for dinner as a team. So far so good. There will be pics coming soon, fighting the problem of size so that more then 4 can make it on one email. Worse case I’ll be buying some CD’s and Fed-Ex a CD to the College so you guys can see pics of all the fun we are having. It was a great experiance driving down here and both Tom and I can say that we have driven 85MPH on an interstate. Which here is legal and the spped you have to do to keep up with traffic. For those of you that don’t know MPH thats around 140km /hr. Anyways tomorrow will be a day of site seeing and such as we do not check in to the track till after 5pm.

    Barry šŸ™‚

  6. Happy you all made it with no problems.
    If you were doing 75mph how long did it take james and the truck to catch up with you?
    At least James will be free of speeding tickets.(in the US)
    Have a great day today everyone enjoy the sites, relaxe.
    see you soon


  7. Mr. Couch Says:

    Good to hear everything is going well. Gook luck boys!

  8. We headed out to the Motorsport Ranch this evening for registration and weigh-in. I talked to a few other teams and saw some of the other cars. Some of them are finishing up in the parking lot tonight!

    There is NO shade to work under…it’s all outside in the parking lot. Bring your sunscreen and a hat! We definitely have one of the sweeter setups as far as support infrastructure goes. I hope we sail through scrutineering (touch wood), maybe we can provide some good old college knowhow to the “university engineers”

    We haven’t taken the car out of the trailer yet but it it looks like it survived the trip with only one slightly broken front wheel fairing. Easily repairable.

    Tomorrow the inspections begin; wish us luck.


  9. To add on to Jame’s note. When we met with University of Oregon they told us they thought we were a Pro team because of how sweet we looked in our shirts and how nice the trailer looked. Great Job to Patti & Jamie for the designing of the products. We all had a great evening again and finished it off by going to Chilies for some dinner. Both George & James can now say that they have been ID twice in Texas šŸ™‚ Anyways we checked in and they were surprised how organized we were and also how professional we looked. So good job team, we now look the part and have the trailer and the car to show the part, all we have to do is fly through scrutineering and show them how its done!!! Like james said we are off to a great start, there are teams still doing wiring, sticking arrays onto their vehicles and such. The largest surprise to me was that when we pulled in we saw Michigan University sitting there with 4 brand new Chevy Tahoes and a 53 foot semi trailer for their team. LIKE WOW !!! But tomorrow we pick up Rob & Leon from the airport and start with insepctions. Good luck to the team and thanks for the constant support from you all Winnipeg


  10. Good luck guys

    Keep on working as a team and you will do well !


  11. Great to hear that we are off to such a good start. Good luck on the scrutineering. Look fwd to reading the posts and seeing you back at the College for the Wpg stage stop. Go Raycer!!

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