Qualifying round update

Good news from the Raycer squad this morning, as the car passed its first two rounds of scrutineering with flying colours. Stay tuned for updates later in the day. And be sure to check out the comments section on the last post for word from the team on how their drive down to Texas went.


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  1. Hello All,

    Well as of 5:30pm tonight we have passed 5 stations with all green dots and only have 3 more to go. What is ment by a green dot is that there were no problems found and we passed with flying clolors. WAY TO GO TEAM. Tomorrow we have mechinical, Array & braking left for testing. The team has done outstanding and there will be pics from the track and team soon to follow. They were eamiled this evening and will be posted soon. Tom is a great chef, we think we might actually be the only team to gain weight on the road! For lunch today the team got home made Grilled Ham & cheese sandwitches with lemon butter rice & marinated tomato salad. And for dinner the team got seasoned center loin pork chops, tomato rizzto, pan fried carrots and home made salad. So the team is defently eating well 🙂 We also Picked Rob & Leon up from the airport so we now have our team of 12 with us.

    I will blog in the afternoon tomorrow after I find out how we did

    Thanks All,

  2. Christina Says:

    I smile every time I read a comment! Thanks for keeping us in the loop and for the menu update. Yum! No wonder you guys are doing so well. Congratulations to the team. I know through all the anxious moments you are having an unforgettable experience. Good luck tomorrow. Hope you sleep well! Talk to you soon. Christina

  3. Great team

    Keep up the good work.
    Good luck tomorrow


  4. Mr. Couch Says:

    Be careful hanging around with Thomas or you will all end up looking like me.
    Success all around, be proud of yourselves.


  5. With your own Chef you must be the envy of all the other teams. Sounds like the quality of the Raycer is allowing you time to actually have meals. Look fwd to your next report. Hope your on the track tomorrow.

  6. The food rocks! We are going to delay qualifying so we can get more food. Actually; today our perfect record bit the dust with a yellow in mechanical. Apparently the lock nuts we used were not acceptable and the day was spent in a futile search for the elusive “Fuji Nuts” or the equally shy “Flex Lock”. Now we are waiting for an express shipment from a factory in Outer Mongolia or the Romulan sector or some equally remote location. AAAARGGHH!!!!

  7. Mr. Couch Says:

    Which nuts? Just drill and lockwire if the nuts are too posh.

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