Green light on scrutineering! Next stop, the track.

Word in from the Raycer team this afternoon that it has passed all eight categories of the NASC 2008 technical inspection process. Up next, the car and drivers take to the track for the second part of the qualifying round.

Congrats guys!


6 Responses to “Green light on scrutineering! Next stop, the track.”

  1. That is AWESOME! I had no doubts, Congratulations to all of you, see you soon.


  2. awesome job guys! You’re making a ton of people proud back home.

    Wish I was there eating with you…

  3. MTS Allstream Says:

    Way to go!

  4. Another milestone passed with flying colours. Go Raycer!

  5. You guys are doing great. Wish I was there.

  6. y’all are doin’ just fine! Way to Go!

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