The qualifying round continues…

The rigorous scrutineering and mechanical adjustment process continues for the Raycer team. According to the latest update from the North American Solar Challenge, RRC is in second place among all teams, with only the University of Minnesota receiving a full pass so far.

And for those who might be wondering about the weather, it was a balmy 98 degrees in Cresson, Texas yesterday, which really is the ideal temperature to be crawling around on your hands and knees on the asphalt. Keep the Gatorade handy guys!


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  1. Good Morning all,

    Well at around 6:30 drivers & James left to go to a Driver meeting at the track for 7:30. Next myself and the mechanical guys are heading there for 10, and finally Tom & Rob A will be heading there for 11 or twelve. Today is the big day for us in two things. First once we have the nuts we need we can switch them over and pass mechanical. After that if the track opens early we can do our track run. If we pass both of these today we will have Thursday and Friday to either relax and help other teams or relax and go see Texas.

    Secondly, today we are hosting a Pot Luck for dinner. Tom spent most of yesterday going around to the other teams inviting them and telling them bring their BBQ so he had so more cooking space. It will be hotdogs & hamburgers that we are supplying, and with over 300 people on the track its going to be a giant project for Tom. The team has already agreed that if Tom needs any help and we have passed everything they will be chef assistants. There will be a blog entry on here soon with pictures of Tom’s famous meals. The entire team has loved their food and there has never been a lot of left overs around afterwards.

    Last night was laundry night here and it did take a little longer then expected, after putting the shirts in the washer and them coming out pink, there were 2 washes with bleach to follow right afterwards. So it wasn’t too bad. Everyone managed to get nice clean white shirts out of it, and for me I was happy the pink went away, because if it hadn’t the team would be looking at me funny since I did the laundry. But anyways we hope to do great today at the track and I will blog as soon as we get back to the hotel tonight. Bye for now


  2. Christina Says:

    Washing instructions on the label are as follows: Hand wash in cold water. Do not bleach. Hang to dry.

  3. Ha Ha,

    It says also wash separately and we did in cold, and we used color bleach so they are nice and bright now:) I think one of the reasons for the running might have been the fact that the guys got their shirts so dirty it took about a half bottle of shout to get the stuff out.

  4. Wow. Wow. Wow.

    I knew you guys were good!! With all the changes to the car, I never thought you would get that far through scrutineering that quickly.

    Glad to hear the the pink came out otherwise you would have to destroy all the cameras.

    See you in Calgary.

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