And they’re off!

The qualifying round wrapped up on Saturday after an intense week for all teams. 12 cars have officially made the cut, with another three tentatively qualified pending their performance on the first leg of the race. An additional two demonstration vehicles will be part of the 17-car field that leaves from Plano, Texas on Sunday morning. You can check out the entire starting grid on the NASC homepage.

The Red River College Raycer is scheduled to start in seventh spot, around 9:06 a.m.. Once again, you’ll be able to follow the team’s progress in real-time by clicking here, or on the SPOT link in the sidebar of the blog homepage.

In other news, our car won the Fastest Braking Award on Saturday. With that victory in their pockets, the team is now under strict instructions not to touch the brakes again until the race is over. Full steam…err…sun ahead to Calgary!


3 Responses to “And they’re off!”

  1. Two hours from start time. I think I am as nervous as you guys! I will miss checking up on your progress whilw I am out of internet connection for the next few days, but will be cheeriing you on all the way to the stage stop here in Winnipoeg and then on to Calgary. Class act to share Tom with the otehr teams with the BBQ. Go Raycer go!!

  2. Rob Ataman Says:

    Good luck guys. See you soon.

  3. Mr. Leon Solar Car Says:

    Update from the road at 11:30 a.m.: We were off to a good start, in third place for a while but were passed by Principia while changing drivers. I was informed that we passed the prestigious German team. Vunderbar!

    The team’s strategy is to conserve energy, arriving at the first stage stop with 75% battery charge to counteract the cloudy days forecast ahead.

    Good luck team!

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