Day 1 update

Here’s a quick update from Barry at the end of a long first day of racing:

Hi everyone. We’re in Wagoner, Oklahoma for the night, and as far as we can tell we are currently in 7th place. The day has gone very well,  but with the clouds we were only able to maintain an average speed of 45km an hour. This is a bit slow, but we decided to run conservatively so if there’s no sun again tomorrow we have enough power to make it to the stage stop.

We’re around 100 miles from the 1st stage stop at Crowder College in Neosho, Missouri. We should be there by mid-afternoon Monday, even sooner if the weather is good. The team is tired from a long day and since we’re up again at 6:30 am, most of them have called it a night. Tom is busy preparing the meals for tomorrow, and I’m doing logistics and such to make sure we’re all ok. Will update tomorrow after reaching the stage stop.

And here’s a quick clip of the Raycer on the road on Sunday, passing through Calera, Oklahoma:


3 Responses to “Day 1 update”

  1. Great start for the long haul. Rock on guys!

  2. A 400 km day! Great start to the race. Keep going everyone…

  3. Yahoo! The team arrived at the first stage stop before noon today. We’re currently in sixth or seventh place. In excellent spirits and with a well-charged battery, the team is ready to do battle again tomorrow with some of the top universities in North America (and Germany and England).

    The next stage is more challenging with a greater distance of around 800 km. (I think). It should take all the teams two full days to get to the next stage stop.

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