All them grasshoppers?

Raycer team leader James Doell checks in with an update:

The car continues to plug along without incident, just as we had hoped. The whole team is starting to gain confidence in the car and in themselves as a team and are taking more and more ownership of the race strategy and getting the car ready for each day.

A highlight of the day yesterday was “talking to locals”. We had a steady stream of people stop by the car as we were charging last night. Everyone from an Amish looking man with his little daughters, young families, and a fellow who was so impressed he came back to get more brochures last night and came again this morning to see us off! One old guy with a white beard and bib overalls in a pickup truck pulled up to us and asked about “all them grasshoppers I seen drahvin down the road.”

I’ll be working on my Texas/Oklahoma accent so I can give y’all an accurate account.


3 Responses to “All them grasshoppers?”

  1. Y’all is a good start. Gawly and “them there” should be in there some were. Great job, great team work, proud of you all.

  2. Enjoy the trip, and all the colourful people and stories along the way (I’m sure you’ll top the grasshopper guy story before you’re done). The Rayce is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and you guys are making lifelong memories (eg. “the best food I had in my life was NASC 2008”) .

    Keep on making kinetic energy from solar thermal radiation (see, thermodynamics WAS cool!).

  3. Wonderful start, them grasshoppers grow BIG in Canada, so pedal to the carbon composite and head north young men… See you at the College…

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