Official standings after stage one

Courtesy of the NASC website:

Rank Team Elapsed Time Total Penalties Total Time
1 Michigan 8:10:28 00:00:00 8:10:28
2 Principia 8:26:04 00:20:00 8:46:04
3 Minnesota 8:47:45 00:20:00 9:07:45
4 FH Bochum 9:57:25 00:00:00 9:57:25
5 Missouri S&T 10:00:22 00:00:00 10:00:22
6 Red River College 11:30:55 00:00:00 11:30:55
7 Waterloo 11:35:01 00:00:00 11:35:01
8 Calgary 12:30:34 00:00:00 12:30:34
9 Kentucky 15:29:55 00:00:00 15:29:55
10 Iowa State 15:14:09 02:35:00 17:49:09
11 Queen’s 18:16:36 00:00:00 18:16:36
12 Arizona 17:59:18 00:18:00 18:17:18
13 Northwestern 19:00:00 00:09:09 19:09:09
14 Oregon State 19:00:00 06:09:48 25:09:48
15 Durham 19:00:00 07:32:03 26:32:03

10 Responses to “Official standings after stage one”

  1. Brad Beddome Says:

    Keep on rollin’… We are all very proud of you guys!!!

  2. Tim Knight Says:

    Woo Hoo!

    Keep up the good work guys!


  3. Hi Tim. I’m glad to see you are following the team mark II. Is the rest of your team following the progress? Make sure you stop by RRC when the race is in town to see the modifications that were made. I believe most of your work is still on the car.

  4. I have been bugging James and the team because things are going so well and at times it has been easy. Maybe too easy. Today was a very exiting day for the team they performed well and are still in the Rayce. Wait for the blog up date to get the full story. I guess now you are getting the full solar Rayce experience (but nothing will compare to 2005).

  5. (but nothing will compare to 2005 ) And that is a good thing.

    Wishing you guys sunny skies.

  6. Have a good sleep all.

  7. Tim Knight Says:

    I’ll be sure to stop in this weekend. The rest of the guys here are getting an ear full from me so they’re up to speed so to speak.

    Best of luck.

  8. Philip Palazo -Raycer 1 Says:

    woah! good job! haha and better their own chef?..something we didn’t have in 2005.


  9. Philip/Tim come see me Saturday. I have 2 shirts left.


  10. Philip Palazo Says:

    Hey Rob, I would love to get one! unfortunately, i won’t be able to see the new raycer in winnipeg, i’m still in victoria doing summer… =)

    if maybe u can save me a shirt for when i go back to there, then that would be very much appreciated.


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