The late-night day 3 update

Team concierge/accountant/laundromat/communications contact/all-around-go-to guy Barry Karlenzig checks in very late on Day 3 from “parts unknown” in northern Kansas with the latest team update:

Hello All, Day 3 has been very eventful. We made it past Topeka, Kansas and are on our way to the Sioux Falls stage stop, and hope to be there late tomorrow or early the following day. It all depends on the sun for us. The team has formed a strong bond, and if a problem arises there are 3 people jumping to fix it right away. So far we have only had a tire blow but everything went well and the team got back out on the road in good time.

Tom has (hopefully) finally called it a night so he can catch up on his sleep loss from staying up late fixing meals and such for the next day. Next person for sleep is me, but that can happen whenever. It is a “thrill”, so to speak, to try and find a hotel in a small town during this race, but so far I’ve been successful and the team is getting proper places to sleep and a place to clean up. But anyways all, I’m going to try to get to bed before midnight tonight, so I will do a couple of updates live from the road tomorrow as long as we can find some better cell reception. We have learned that even though Kansas is a flatter state, it can sometimes be hard to find a cell tower to bounce a signal off.

[NOTE: Be sure to check the comments section on this post for some additional detail on Tuesday’s action from Leon. It seems there were a few challenges to overcome.]

Along with team chef Tom Marks, Barry’s position is a new addition to this year’s solar car group. In order to allow our engineering whiz kids more time to concentrate on the car itself, organizers looked for an RRC Business Administration student to round out the group by serving as a liaison with NASC officials, and handling overall team logistics. Barry stepped up to the challenge a few months ago, and has been a ball of energy throughout the project. Here’s a shot of him during a slightly better rested moment in the qualifying round.


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  1. I have to elaborate as I talked with Prince James and Vic.
    The day started with James slamming his own finger in the truck door (the nail will be coming off soon). There was some miscommunication and the team lost their 6th place start order and had to go to the back of the line. They got stuck behind one of the slow moving teams for 30 minutes. They worked there way past the slower cars and then, this is the exciting part. When passing over a badly designed and maintained railway crossing, the rear tire blew, causing the car to swerve and skid to a stop. The rear wheel was destroyed in the process. The trailer is required to travel on a separate route than the car and James and Vic were 35 miles from the car. In there haste to get to the car they got lost (Vic forgot his bifocals). The team at the car did not wait though, they replaced the wheel in good time and got back out on the road. Excellent work.

    Remember I said goal number ‘1′ is to get home “safely”. Every thing else is gravy. Have a great day. Go fast and be safe.

  2. Good to catch up after a few days away form an intenet connection. I was getting Raycer withdrawal. Great start, steady progress, and quick recovery from the tire blow out. All the maimgs of a strong team and a great race. See you in Winnipeg. Go Raycer go!

  3. If you think We had a bad day check out Missouri S&t’s Blog.

    Have a fast safe day!!!

  4. Update from the road:

    Our team is past the Omaha check stop and on their way to Sioux Falls. They have 300 km to get to the stage stop. Cloudy skies have kept the speeds low at 50km/hr. They are out of the clouds now and should be able to make good time. We are probably still ahead of Calgary and 30 min. behind Missouri. Probably in 6th place.

  5. Hey All,

    The team just went through the town of Tekamah and are on our way to Sioux City then off to Sioux Falls. Now that the sun is out, the team is moving at a great speed and all is well. As the scout we have driven up ahead and Tom found a piece of a tire on the road so we have just pulled over to take it off the road so the road is clear for our guys and the rest. Because of the slow morning due to the clouds we may not make Sioux Falls tonight, but if we don’t we will be there early tomorrow morning. Today’s run is definitely a long one, with lots of hills and turns. For myself it feels almost like I am driving in Ontario 🙂 Will update where we are and what’s going on when we stop for the evening.


  6. Priscila G. Says:

    Hey Solar Team,

    Hope you guys are doing so well and i’m looking forward to seeing you all on saturday. Barry, I’m really proud of you and you should be aswell. Way to Go!! I’m sure you are doing the best for the team and it’s gret to hear how you guys are doing. Good luck Guys! see you soon!


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