We’re not in Kansas (or Nebraska, or Iowa) anymore…

The Raycer pulled into the Sioux Falls, SD stage stop a little after noon today. While a few dark and swirly clouds had the team momentarily fearing the car might be headed for Oz, they successfully managed to avoid most of the wicked weather that was in the area.

A well-deserved rest break this afternoon will be followed up by some official NASC activities later in the day. Tomorrow morning, all the teams will leave Sioux Falls headed for the next stage stop in Winnipeg.


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  1. If it’s not too much to ask could you leave the bad weather on the road? I would really appreciate sunny skies on Saturday for the stage stop!

    All kidding aside…..RRC is eager to cheer you home.

    See you soon. Safe travels.

  2. Maribel Says:

    Just curious… how would crossing the border and road constructions along 75 affect your time? are there standard procedures with situations like these? all the best, I would really like to cheer you on when you pass by PR201 and 75 on Sat… all the best!

  3. Wayne Park Says:

    Way to go team!
    I just found your blog on the RRC website. I have been following the results on the Calgary blog as that seemed to be the best one on the NASC website. How about a link from the NASC team page so that many others can enjoy the real best blog page in the event?

    Great job all around #1 all the way – see you Sat in Wpg.
    ps – find Leon a badge or something (We don’t need no stinken badges!!!)

  4. Congrats on dodging the weather! Gorgeous car yet again… best wishes on behalf of the ’05 Prin team =)

  5. Hi guys. Post more pictures. Yeah yeah yeah I know you are busy but its killing me. The NASC web site last time had lots of pictures, and data, but this time its mostly useless.

  6. Hey Dean,

    Pictures will be up tomorrow. Doing the camera dump right now from everyones camera except the few people that have claaed it a night and are sleeping.


  7. it’s all downhill to Winnipeg now guys (of course, it’s uphill toward Calgary…). Keep on truckin, see you Saturday for the heroes welcome!

  8. Hey All,

    Update once again. It is 12:20 am and everyone is fast asleep and relaxed after the long days we have had so far. The city of Sioux Falls fed everyone today with pizza and pop so the team has a full stomach and called it a night pretty early. There were a few stragglers that stayed up to explore the city a bit, however they are all back now and fast asleep. Today was an interesting ride as there was one point that the clouds became very black and a few of us were getting pretty worried about the weather, but with the help of Chris Ball’s words of encouragement we got past it and made it to Sioux Falls. There should be some great pictures from the trip and Sioux Falls added soon by Colin. We hope for sun and clear skies tomorrow so we can get far and go fast 🙂 Anyways all, I will try to update from the road tomorrow if I’m not driving the scout vehicle. Talk to you all soon.


  9. Margaret Says:

    Well, it is a sunny day here in Winnipeg. Hope it is there too. We are all excited to see everyone on Saturday. We will have the cheering section out in full force. Enjoy the ride and see you on Saturday!

  10. Students Association Says:

    Were all very excited to welcome you home, see you soon.

  11. Hey All,
    Update from the Road Live

    We are now just through the town of Bellingham and are own our way to Fargo, The clouds are starting to form and we are trying our best to stay ahead of them. The team has been working great and our telemetry has been able to let us know what consumption for power we are using and how the electronics are performing. As long as the clouds stay away we sould be able to make it to Fargo, but if the clouds start coming on we may only make it close to fargo. Keep us in your prayers for lots of sun today and no rain tomorrow. We hope that if it does rain tomorrow its after we get there 🙂 But before I run out of reception just wanted to say thanks again to all of our sponsors and supporters. Really without you this project would have been the true success that it is


  12. I say, “put it to the floor and don’t look back” See you tomorrow!

  13. Wooo Whooo Raycer!!!

    Got back into town and the first act was to fire up the computer and find the Raycer. Looking good to make Fargo today. Sunny skys forecasted for tomorrow. In Wpg at least, hope it is down south too.

    See ya at home tomorrow!

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