Standings update

The unofficial standings update after the Winnipeg stage stop, courtesy of the University of Michigan solar team blog:

Michigan: 34:14:01
Principia: 35:35:37
FH Bochum: 40:59:51
Waterloo: 42:05:46
Minnesota: 42:58:22
Calgary: 51:09:39
Missouri S&T: 53:19:54
Red River: 59:19:39
Iowa State: 63:52:37
Kentucky: 66:55:55
Arizona: 67:05:08
Northwestern: 69:51:30 * trailering penalty not added yet
Queen’s: 73:16:45
Oregon State: 83:03:21
Durham: 90:56:48

Unfortunately, the weather in the Dakotas wasn’t too kind to our solar racers. Only five teams (Michigan, Principia, Bochum, Waterloo, Minnesota) managed to make it to Winnipeg on their own power, while the rest of the pack (including RRC) were forced to load their cars in trailers due to low battery power and even lower cloud cover. Several left on trailers again this morning, waiting to unload their cars until the clouds parted in Brandon. For those who are wondering, yes trailering is allowed, but it comes with a significant time penalty.

Our team was a bit disappointed it wasn’t able to drive the Raycer in to the cheers of the hometown crowd, but they received a warm welcome nonetheless, and the good news is that it looks like we held our position in the overall Solar Challenge. With a little luck, and consistent performance from both the vehicle and our ace driving crew, we might still catch up to Missouri or Calgary before reaching the finish line on Tuesday.

For tonight (Sunday), it looks like the team has stopped in Grenfell, SK (pop. 1,067). We’ll keep you apprised of any reports of solar-powered cow tipping emerging from the greater metropolitan Grenfell area.

4 Responses to “Standings update”

  1. My husband and daughter are on their way home from Regina and are starting to meet the solar cars around Indianhead, Sask. They are going to keep a lookout for the Raycer.

  2. Where’d you go? The RCMP quite often have radar setup at Ernfold. Were you going so fast you got locked up?

  3. Rheaume Says:

    If you believe the Raycer’s tracker they only made it halfway across Saskatchewan and were never heard from again. They must be in the twilight zone. I hope they are having fun wherever they are.

  4. Hello All,

    Sorry we are having spot diffculities. Should all be good by morning. We are currently in Medacine Hat Alberta and are all tired and have checked into the hotel and are ready for bed. With the hills and lack of internet in Sask I have not been able to update the blog during the day. We will be leaving for Calgary at 9:08am.

    We cant wait to see everyone that will be there in Calgary cheering us on. Thank you again Winnipeg for all of your support. I am offically going to call it a night soon to get some rest so I will update the blog after we leave in the morning


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