And now, a word for our sponsors

In addition to the official stage stop held in Winnipeg on Saturday, RRC also hosted a dinner on Friday night to thank all the individual donors and corporate sponsors of this year’s Raycer project. While the team obviously couldn’t be there, they were kind enough to film a short message for the dinner crowd that we also wanted to share here:

The clip was actually shot using a Blackberry Pearl smartphone from MTS Allstream, our major telecommunications sponsor. The company was kind enough to provide Blackberries and coverage time for the team, which proved essential in communicating between the various support vehicles while on the road and providing updates to those of us following along back in Winnipeg. You’ll notice the team holding their phones in the air at the end of the video in a small salute to the folks from MTS Allstream.


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  1. Norman Beattie Says:

    Congratulations on your success so far. I hope you have lots of sun for the remainder of the trip. Some photos of the Winnipeg stopover are at:


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