More unofficial results

Wow, that Michigan crew is almost as fast with the results as they are with the car. According to their most recent blog post, the Raycer is now sitting in 9th place overall as of today’s Medicine Hat stage stop, nipping at Iowa State’s heels. At any rate, it looks like we’re poised for a big improvement from our 16th overall finishing spot in the 2005 NASC. Impressive results from the only community college entered in the competition.

Meanwhile, unless Michigan accidentally detours to Edmonton, it looks like they have this year’s race sewn up. One final push to Calgary tomorrow, where a huge crowd is expected to greet the cars.


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  1. Yes we are in 9th, but to us that is a major improvement and a great leap from the 2005 NASC. Also we are one of the few teams that can say we have made it from Texas to Medicine Hat with only one incident happening. That incident was the tire blow out we had. So to the team this is a great triumph and success.

    We wish all the other teams the best of luck tomorrow, and congratulate them on their success with this year’s NASC. There were a lot of teams that were great to us and we thank them very much. We have also had great observers, one of which after getting a team jersey now wears it with whatever team she is with. Thank you to all, and we hope to see all the teams at the finish line Tuesday afternoon


  2. Hope you have a wonderful sunny day with no incidents! GOOD LUCK!!!!

  3. Awesome… Riverman be proud… Your team rocks…

  4. Wishing you a quick and trouble-free journey on your last leg into Calgary.

    Go Raycer…

  5. Margaret Says:

    You have done an awesome job! People will be there to greet you as you roll into Calgary. Hope the sun shines down on you today. Enjoy your last leg of the trip.

  6. official timing data shows you guys were in 8th place leaving Medicine Hat. Tracker shows you’ve been in Calgary for hours, but I can’t find any data anywhere on where you came in, nor the final finishing order (it’s all just about Michigan). I’m sure you guys did good though, great job all round!

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