The finish line!

Dr. Jeff Zabudsky reports from Calgary that the Red River College Raycer crossed the NASC 2008 finish line at around 3:40 local time. RRC finished in 9th spot overall, a huge leap forward from our 16th place finish in 2005. Congratulations team!


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  1. Irene Marks Says:

    Go Raycer!!! We’ve been watching all the blogs and the Friendfeed all afternoon. We’re so proud of the whole team.

  2. Well done team! A great event and an amazing accomplishment by the Red River Raycer team. I am very proud and happy for you. Enjoy the “festivities” in Calgary, you desreve it!


  3. Irene Marks Says:

    22 July 2008 – comment from Friendfeed U Michigan supporter Tim Trueman –
    “I’m so impressed with the improvements teams like Red River made since 2005…granted this race had some ridiculous challenges with weather and distance and time for stages.”

  4. Harold V Says:

    Congrtulations on a job vell done. You may not have come in first in the race, but you guys are winners to all of us.

  5. The team should be proud of their accomplishment. You performed well in a field of teams with more funding and experience. Michigan may have come in first, but the Raycer team likely learned more from the race and probably worked harder to earn the standing they achieved. Everyone at Red River College appreciates your accomplishment. You made us all proud!

  6. You may not have been the first to cross the line; but you are number 1 in my book! Congratulations!

  7. Tim Knight (raycer 1.0) Says:

    Congratulations guys! You are a metric light year ahead of where we were in ’05. You guys had a fantastic showing in spite of bad weather. The design, construction, logistics, race, etc. is a huge undertaking by everyone involved and you guys pulled it off. Bravo!

  8. You have embraced the challenge and raised the bar for RRC metrics. Congratulations on your dedicated team effort, persistence through difficult racing conditions, and innovative application of technical skills.

    Well done everyone!

  9. Students Association Says:

    Congratulations team, you have made us all very proud.

  10. Glad the Red River College Stevenson Aviation could help put the racer on the road by doing some of the composite work. Awesome job guys!

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